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side view of the La Penita market on Thursday

Thursdays in La Peñita: Los Amigos T-Shirts, Shopping Bags, for sale
La Peñita Tianguis: Photo thanks to Peter Martin

Look for the Los Amigos booth at Thursday’s Tianguis in La Peñita and select one of our new t-shirts – great for you, great gifts!

Come by to say hello and find out more about the work of Los Amigos. Los Amigos de La Peñita maintains the booth throughout the winter season.


In November 2009, an idea was brought forward to help raise money for Fiesta 2010 – Los Amigos’ most ambitious and costliest fund raiser of the year.  The idea was simple; sell t shirts at the local Thursday market.

The idea was approved and “seed money” was provided. Thanks to Deb Drew and her great designs the Tianguis Project not only repaid the “seed money” within two weeks of operation and promoted the Fiesta 2010 fundraiser but it has also made ongoing contributions to our recycling and education programs.

It was an instant success.  We quickly realized that we had created a mechanism to not only raise funds but to advertize and promote all committees’ services.  We displayed our recycling baskets and took orders for more baskets.  Our Education Committee posted pictures of our school projects and began to sell restaurant discount coupon books to raise funds for their specific activities.  In short, our Tianguis booth not only helped us raise funds but also publicized Los Amigos in a more direct and effective manner.

In 2010 we improved the kiosk in such a way as to provide each of our committees with a more graphic display of their key messages to the public.  We have also made a concerted effort to maximize public exposure to our critical activities and to formalize our kiosk operation into an operating committee of Los Amigos.  This kiosk continues to provide an excellent venue to help raise funds.