Susan at Fiesta 2011Zobeida Barrera, Scholarship Liason – Contact Zobeida

At Fiesta 2011, our Hostess, Susan Cobb, asked all of the guests, some 150 people, each of whom had already made a $750 pesos donation to Los Amigos, to donate an additional $3000 pesos to enable one student to attend either Secondary School or Conalep, a local trade school for one full year. Imagine, $3000 pesos, less than $300.00, for a child to attend a school of higher learning for a full year.  Susan’s “magic” resulted in over twenty new scholarships for deserving and qualified students.  We were overwhelmed.  We now sponsor almost 40 students, each of whom are worthy of this sponsorship and who otherwise would not have been able to attend a school of higher learning to better themselves and their families. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the generosity of Donna Taylor, Louise Graham, Dave Majewski, John Potwin, Joan Hagar, Joan King, Dean and Maureen Bigelow, Susan Cobb, Lin Chimes, Linda Fraser, Mark of Mark’s Bar & Grill in Bucerias, Bob Tripp, Eddie Dominguez, Karen Martin, Tom Plattenberger, Ally Williams and David Thompson from JaltembaBayLife.comDavid Thompson, Maxine & John Zuerbrigg, Roger Ulliac of Bold Development, David and Maruca Dinsmore, Ken Snyder & Mary Alice Ranta, Eric Petsinger and an anonymous donor from Alberta.

Again in 2012, a number of individuals stepped forward to make a donation to our scholarship fund. We would like to acknowledge the following groups and individuals for their generous support: Las Tres Amigas, Jim Evans, John Drum, Susan and Larry Cobb, Naomi Sweetman, Xaltemba Restaurant, Dawna Claxton and Bruce Roberts, Bob Tripp and Peter Martin, Ralph Reichert, Deb Jarvis, Thomas Bartlett, Kelly and Sandra Bartlett. Roy and Linda Lake Andres, Birgit Hall, Ally Williams and David Thompson from JaltembaBayLife.com, Edmonds Daybreakers Rotaty Club, Larry Hutchings and Dennis Clark, Dana and Frances Leavitt, Nelson Gothie and Alex and Bob Phillips.

If you would like to share in this experience and to help give a child a better chance in life, please contact Zobeida, our Scholarship Liason, and provide your details.  She or a member of our Scholarship Committee will contact you personally.

Or you can make a  Donation