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Building and Maintenance Projects:  Raising the grade of the school yard and building a new bathroom at J. Cruz Bautista Escuela Primaria in La Colmena was the first project completed under the auspices of the Education Committee of Los Amigos. Since then, eight additional projects have been completed and more are in progress.

Other partners are actively involved in a number of these projects, both in terms of providing manpower and providing additional funding. The local Rotary Club, as well as a number of other Rotary Clubs in Canada and the United States have contributed, and in some cases, led some of the projects. The Jaltemba Bay Foundation provided funding specifically for the La Patria Kinder project through proceeds from the Fashion Show.   The Committee also carries out class room based projects, and has implemented an annual art contest which is designed to help motivate students.

In January of each year, The Education Committee initiates a call for projects and for participation to the schools in La Peñita and La Colonia, asking them to both participate in the work of the Committee and to submit projects for consideration for funding. The Committee works closely with the Parent’s Council from each school, as well the Director (or a representative) from each school to prioritize and choose projects. This initiative has lasting benefit, as it empowers parents by not only having them set the priorities in terms of funding but also by assisting them in initiating their own funding activities. Their major annual fundraiser is the very successful Gran Bazar. Besides undertaking fundraising, parents are providing volunteer labour and, along with local businesses, contributing supplies. Parents are required to contribute 20% of the cost of every project. Photo Credit: Thanks to Johan Nielson This was in recognition of the members of the Education Committee who volunteered their time at Fiesta 2010, refusing payment for the work they did at the day of the event. Funds have also been donated to this project by the parents, the Rotary Club and others. Here is a summary of the projects:

1. J. Cruz Bautista Primary School: This project involved raising the grade of the school yard so children can get to the bathroom without wading through 12 inches of water during the rainy season and the addition of a second bathroom.This
project has now been completed.
2. Miquel Hidalgo Kinder:
Shade and protection from the rain.This project has now been completed.
3. La Patria Kinder: Soraida, the teacher of this tiny kindergarten, has worked tirelessly to acquire land for the school and now needs help to get the construction started. In collaboration with parents, local suppliers and government a new school will be constructed.This project has now been completed.
4. Juan Escutia Primary School:This project involved a renovation of the school bathrooms.This project has now been completed.
5. Guadalupe Manautou Kinder:The entry cupola was deteriorating and presented a danger to the children.This project has now been completed.
6. Kinder Josefa Ortiz: This project aims to build a new kindergarten with one classroom and bathrooms. There is no other kindergarten in the area. Currently 7 students meet in a borrowed room but will be moving to another borrowed space shortly.This project is now completed.
7. Justo Sierra Primary School:Security needs to be upgraded by repairing and raising about 40 meters of perimeter wall.This project has now been completed.
8. Las Cabras Kinder:This joint project involving the parents, Rotary and Los Amigos involves construction of one classroom and bathrooms.This project has now been completed.


9. Plan de Ayala Secondaria: This project, involved the repair of the wall which teachers feared was in danger of collapsing and injuring students.This project has now been completed.
10. Luis Pasteur Kinder
Level the front of the lot to make room for a play area, repair retention wall and replace front fence.This project has been completed

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