In serving the people of Jaltemba Bay, Los Amigos has participated in projects designed to help clean the environment and provide healthy spaces for all.

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Recycling:   Our Recycling program is removing 4,000 kilos of plastics a month from the communities in Jaltemba Bay – and having a huge environmental impact.  This program has been sold to a local private entrepreneur. Providing recycling baskets continues as an environmental project of Los Amigos.


Work Crew Eco Park


Eco Park:  Los Amigos turned a rock-strewn field into a place for children to play and for residents to come together for community events such as the first few El Gran Bazaars.  Jaltemba Jalapeno has an article and pictures.


Beach clean up 2011

Beach Clean UP 2011

Our Cleanup Committee has been instrumental in organizing a number of beach clean-ups and spearheading an effort to remove derelict buildings from the beach.



Our continuing “Thanks!” to Johan at Jaltemba Jalapeno for great pictures!