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Gema (pronounced ‘Hemma’) operates the Books on Wheels program out of the trunk of her car, and keeps a schedule that most of us would find exhausting, visiting 11 schools each week. Some of these are in La Penita and Los Ayala, but she also travels to Chacala, El Divisadero, El Capomo, Lima de Abajo, Puerta de la Lima, El Tonino, and La Joya.  Gema reports parents and adults are now asking for library books for themselves, too!!

Libros sobre Ruedas (Books on Wheels) Program is a joint project of the Jaltemba Bay Rotary Club and Los Amigos de Jaltemba. The initial books were purchased with funds raised at our Wine Tasting event in December of 2012. Since then, funding has come from additional grants from the Jaltemba Bay Rotary Club, Los Amigos de Jaltemba and the events of Las Tres Amigas, such as their 2015 Evening in Paris.

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