Scholarship Committee

Scholarships 2011

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Committee Members: Paola Alvarez Perez (Committee Chair), Vern (Benito) Porter (Board Advisor),  Blanca Alicia Hernandez, Emma Noriega, Erick Alejandro Lopez, Esther Villegas Conejo, Laura Gonzales Robles, Lety Plascencia, Mireya Aguiar Ramos, Gloria Bravo, Zobeida Barrera (CONALEP teacher and coordinator) and Dixie Miller.

Our mission is to encourage students to participate in local activities, to develop community leaders, to provide educational support to local young people and to encourage young students to participate in the Los Amigos de Jaltemba organization.

The duties of the committee include the following:

Receiving and reviewing applications for new students.
Monitoring student progress throughout the year,
Coordinating and monitoring student community service activities,
Supporting Los Amigos fund raising activities,
Soliciting individual and business donors, and
Supporting and participating in the Learning for Life Leadership program.

Committee members meet annually to review the scholarship applications from students of CONALEP, and to review the results from the prior year of the students’ endeavors.  Some members of our committee work at CONALEP, which guarantees a direct and almost daily contact with the students, and the opportunity to observe first hand student performance inside the school, not only in terms of academics but also in terms of behavior.

The Committee establishes the content and requirements included in the scholarship application, such as the required qualifications and questions designed to help define student aspirations and family situation and support.

Students and Zobeida, Scholarship Chair

Students and Zobeida, Scholarship Chair

Student recipients commit to a minimum number of hours of community service.  Students participate in the Learning for Life Leadership program. Parents commit to be active in and support the activities of Los Amigos.  These written commitments are signed and attached to the scholarship application.  The inclusion of these latter two requirements for community service help the committee insure scholarship recipients and their families are committed to the total, ongoing education process and to the community.  Zobeida Barrera, a teacher and our coordinator at CONALEP is dedicated to helping students succeed in their studies and community service commitments.    Read more about a typical scholarship year in the 2011 committee report.

Annual scholarship awards to CONALEP:

  • 2015-2016:      26 students
  • 2014-2015:      30 students
  • 2013-2014       36 students
  • 2012-2013       30 students
  • 2011-2012       36 students  –  89 applications!
  • 2010-2011       An additional 10 student
  • 2009-2010      Our original 6 students

You can support the scholarship program!  How Much Does it Cost?           2015-2016 Annual scholarship cost (tuition and supplies) per student: 3,400 pesos.   You can donate a general amount, or sponsor a student


To Volunteer, contact the Committee Chair.  We’d love to have you join us!

‘Special Thanks’ goes to Las Tres Amigas, a local fundraising group, for their on-going support of our scholarship program.  Their efforts have been essential in maintaining the continuity of the program.