Community Cultural Centre

Please come and visit us. We are located at Reuben Jaramillo #9 in La Peñita. Directions: From the Avenida in La Peñita turn right at the Oxxo as you are heading towards the ocean. We are just around the corner to the left at the end of the first block.

A New Avenue for Education in Jaltemba Bay

First and foremost, we thank all the many volunteers, donors, and community citizens who have worked together to create the Community Cultural Center in La Penita. The Center is more than a structure, it is our instrument to reach into our community to provide life skills, educational resources, cultural fulfillment, and vocational opportunities. We encourage your participation, ideas, and financial support to help us realize the full potential of the CCC.

History of the Community Cultural Center (CCC)

The reality of the CCC started in the Winter of 2010, with various discussions between Los Amigos, Rotary and the Ejido of Jaltemba Bay. These discussions included possible locations, programs and it’s ideology on serving the local community.

Fall 2011 – The youth group,Telpochcalli, becomes the catalyst for renewed interest in the CCC, having grown to some 50 active students participating in art, music and cultural activities in the Plaza.

February 11, 2012 – Telpochcalli rents 4-C on the Plaza, as a temporary home while awaiting further developments on the community center.

April 1, 2012 – The Telpochcalli Committee negotiates use of Soley’s restaurant for the off season. Rent is supported by a grant from the Mujeres a Mujeres Fashion Show Committee.

April 16, 2012 – The CCC sets up computers for internet access, and a place for meetings and afternoon tutoring program. A meals and literacy program is contemplated, but postponed until the center gets better established.

October 2012 – The CCC moves to a more permanent location with a 5 year lease, and improvements take place by means of a number of volunteer days.

January 12, 2013 – inauguration of the center

Current Status of the CCC

The Center is managed by a volunteer Executive Committee appointed by the board of Los Amigos. The Executive Committee makes decisions regarding the use of the Facility and overall operations. The Director of the CCC is selected by Los Amigos and reports to the Executive Committee. The Director manages the day to day operations of the Center; her position is partly voluntary and partly contract. Viky Robelo is our current director.